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Madness Monday/Munday – William Munday of Jefferson County, Kentucky

First things first, sorry I couldn’t help the pun on the name. smile_regular Anyway, yet another one of my madness monday postings is going to be about the Munday family from which I descend.  Although this posting isn’t really about the one from which I descend. WHAT?smile_sarcastic

It’s about A William Munday that I found while looking for MY William Munday….you know how it goes!

When I started finding information on the William Munday listed below, I really thought that he was the son of my William Munday, Sr that died in Breckinridge County, Kentucky in 1815 (My first Madness Monday posting was about this family and can be found here). But I haven’t found the ever elusive "smoking gun" document(s) that prove it, so I’m really not sure. It would make sense if he was the son given the close proximity of Jefferson and the Breckinridge County of the early 1800’s. But you know how you have a gut feeling when something is not right…..well, that’s the feeling I have when I put him in the family group of my William Munday Sr’s children. So I have taken him out for now and made them two different men.

When I am researching a family that has moved around a lot or has a lot of conflicting information or in rare case where I have too many facts on and can’t really get my mind around where they in any given year I make a timeline for that person/family. The format that is shown below is one of two formats that I have used.

The William Munday of Jefferson Co., Ky. Time line
This is a listing of all the information that I have been able to collect on the William Munday that was living in Jefferson County, Kentuky. In Yellow you will find my questions, comments and assumptions. If anyone can help prove, disprove or have any additional thoughts, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment to this posting.
Jefferson Co., Va. – Ky. Early Marriages 1781-1826 Bk. 1
Book pg 62, actual p 57 Munday, William; bd. Presley Ross; wt. Levi Tyler B. 3-11-1807
              Owen, Elizabeth; m. Nancy Owen, c. in w. 3-11-1807 M. 3-12-1807 Jas. Vance
Is this the son of William Sr., who died in Breckinridge Co., Ky. in 1815? According to My William Munday Jr’s tombstone he was born b. 5 Jan 1781 d. 5 Nov 1827 buried in Red River Cemetery, Logan County, Kentucky. Therefore, he would not have needed a consent to get married due to being underage in 1807.
Jefferson Co., Ky. Records Vol. 2
County Court Minute Book 8 (1807-1809)
Book pg. 422; actual p. 120 division of the estate of Jacob Owens, dec’d, being shared to William Munday & Elizabeth Munday, his wife, was returned and ordered recorded.

1810 Kentucky Federal Census
Monday, William         Jefferson Co. 23 1-0-0-1-0 1-0-1-0-0 05
Jefferson Co., Ky. Records Vol. 2 – County Court Minute Book 9 (1809-1811)

Book pg. 509; actual pg. 164, On the motion of William Munday and Elizabeth Munday his wife, who was Elizabeth Owen, one of the daughters and heirs of Jacob Owen, dec’d, it is ordered that Samuel Wells, Ambrose Camp, Robert Coleman, John Edwards, Amos Shadburn and Samuel Bray, or any two of them, be appointed to divide 250 acres of land on Beargrass Creek, of which the said Jacob Owen, dec’d, died possessed, between the said Elizabeth Munday, John Owen, Anne Owen, Shapley Owen, Camilla Owen and Preston Owen, heirs of the said Jacob, dec’d. And that James Hunter be appointed Guardian to the said heirs for the special purpose of making the said division on their part. And that the Commissioners so appointed do make the conveyances.
Jefferson County, Kentucky Tax Lists

1817 - Monday, William - 1043 acres of 1st rate land on Harrod's Creek entered & patented to Jno Floyd; 1 white male over 21; 4 blacks over 16; 6 total blacks; 6 horses
1818 - Munday, William - 154 acres of 2nd rate land on Goose Creek; 1 white male over 21; 4 blacks over 16; 6 total blacks; 6 horses
1820 - Munday, William - 19 acres; 5 tythes; 8 total blacks; 7 horses
1820 Kentucky Federal Census

Monday, William         Jefferson 044 Jefferso 3-1-0-0-1-0 2-1-0-1-0
Jefferson County, Kentucky Tax Lists

1821 - Munday, William - 19 3/4 acres on Goose Creek; 1 white male over 21; 5 blacks over 16; 10 total blacks; 7 horses
1822 - Munday, William - 19 acres of 2nd rate land on Goose Creek; 1 white male over 21; 5 blacks over 16; 9 total blacks; 7 horses
1823 - Munday, William - 19 acres of 2nd rate land on Goose Creek; 1 white male over 21; 6 blacks over 16; 12 total blacks; 7 horses
Also 4 lots Nos. 83, 88, 93 & 98 Middletown
1824 - Munday, Harrison - no land; 1 white male over 21; 8 blacks over 16; 3 horses
1825 - Munday, William - no land; 1 white male over 21; 2 blacks over 16; 8 total blacks; 2 horses
Jefferson County, Kentucky Circuit Court
Case Files Box 1-22, Document Number 1638
Located at Kentucky Div. of Lib. and Archives

16 Jun 1821 Owens & others Vs Fred Rudy & wife
Abstract: John Shapley and Preston Owen claim that they and their four sisters are entitled to their late mother's share of her father's estate. Mary Ross Owen White's share of Lawrence Ross's estate consists of fives slaves, and since there are seven distributees they request the court to decree "the said slaves may be sold and the proceeds divided."
8 Jun 1825 case dismissed.
William and his wife, Elizabeth, are named in this court case. I have actually held this case in my hand and read every page of it hoping to find any clue that might help me. Unfortunately, it doesn't give any particulars as to where or how long they have lived in Jefferson County.

Calendar of Early Jefferson County, Kentucky Wills
Will Book No. 2 June 1813 - 1833

Taylor, Reuben; 1 Jan 1818 - Dec 16, 1824; To wife Rebecca, sons: Francis, Benjamin, Warner and William; daughters: Lucy, Polly and Eleanor Taylor, Polly Leathers & her children, Anna, Mariah, John Thompson and Merniva. Also mentions land bought of John Mercer & John Daniel. Proven by oath of William Munday.
After this I haven’t found anymore documents for A William Munday in Louisville or Jefferson County, Kentucky. I have "googled" every combination of the following that I can think of: "William Munday"; "Louisville, Jefferson County" Kentucky; Owen; Shapley; "Logan County"; "Breckinridge County"......any results that I found I have put into the above time-line.

According to his tombstone, my William Munday Jr dies on 5 November 1827. Is is coincidental that MY William Munday, Jr dies in 1827 around the same time that the one in Louisville "disappears"?

Did MY William Munday Jr actually die in Logan County? I don't know, but I do know that is where his tombstone is and where his will was probated. However, I NEVER find him on a tax list for Logan County, Kentucky! I also never find ANY William Munday’s on the tax lists in the counties that the known children of MY William Munday Sr are living (being Logan, Breckinridge, Barren and Hancock Counties). This seems odd to me. Is that because he had been married and lived in another county but his wife and any children that they had had are dead and so he goes to live with his brother? The will for my William Munday Jr does not name a wife and only names nieces, nephews and his brother, Nathaniel.
So are these two men one and the same? As I said earlier I don’t know. If anyone has any suggestions as to where to go next please let me know. Sorry for the lengthy post but thanks for "listening".

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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  1. Thank you. I am also researching a Wm . Munday married in Adair County in 1811.(Winnie Hood)
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