About Me

When I look back on my life to figure out when I became interested in history and genealogy, I realize that it happened at an early age.

I am the only child of my parents. My father was an only child and my mother was the 6th out of 7 children. I am the youngest of 17 grandchildren on my mother's side. When I was young, my mother would go over to visit her sister, who lived about 15 minutes from our house. Because I was usually the only child around at the time of the visit, I was given the choice, "either go find something to play with" or "sit still." Translation: either go play by myself or sit and listen to the stories that they would eventually get around to telling. Booring or Boooring!

This caused me to hear a lot of information about my mother's family. Most of the time the stories were not of the current day, but of 2 or more generations ago. More on the lines of "Aunt so-and-so" or "Uncle blah-blah-blah" did this or said that to momma, daddy or grandma.

So without even knowing it I was already predisposed to adding a personal element to history. Not just merely seeing a name and date. But thinking about what type of life that person must have led, and what caused them to make the decision to move from everything that they ever knew into something that was very foreign and unknown.

I have been actively researching my family since 1990. Sometimes more active than others! 

I am now a mother of two, a step-mother of two and a wife of one. I work full-time and have a very patient and understanding husband. He never seems to outwardly show his boredom with my diatribe about some new information that I found out about someone in my lineage or his.

I started this blog to let my family finally "see" what I have found in doing research on our families after all these years. Also to see if I can connect to anyone else with the same families.


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