Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma

Today is the birthday of my paternal grandmother, Minnie Frances Shofner. She would have been 95 years old today.

Minnie Frances Shofner was born 5 Dec 1915 to Robert William Shofner and Annie Elizabeth Liles. She married Hurley T Tharp on 5 Jan 1935 in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky. She died in 1989 after being sick and unable to come and visit us in Louisville for several years before her death, less than a month before I graduated high school. When it happened I found comfort in the thought that this was the only way she would have been able to make it to my graduation. The earliest picture I have of her is this one:

According to the back of this picture this was taken in May 1933. Unfortunately, it doesn't say why she was so dressed up or where the picture was taken.

I actually had a dream that had her in it last night. When I woke up I didn't think too much about it except I knew that I couldn't remember the last time that I had a dream that had her in it. Then when I was doing some work in my genealogy file, I noticed the day.

So Happy Birthday Grandma, I still miss you after all these years.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

New Holiday Background

Howdy followers,

I've let the time get away from me between postings. I have been doing a whole lot of nothing lately and am trying to get out of that practice.

While catching up on my reading of the blogs that I follow, I ran across the Resources for Holiday Blog Decorating posting from Geneabloggers. In this posting Tom lists several resources for Holiday Backgrounds, Icons, Banners and Templates for our blogs. After looking at several, I found something that I like for the holidays. So I thought I would make a change in the appearance of the blog for a little while. This new look will only be until the holidays/winter is over.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)


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