Monday, July 14, 2014

Mystery Monday - Are these the Warders I'm looking for? part 2

Last Monday, I posted the beginning of a search for the Francis and Susan Warder who had written a letter to my 3 great-grandfather, George Munday, in 1815. If you would like to read that posting go ahead I'll wait - click here

OK are you all caught up? Boy you're a fast reader....anyway onward and upward.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Mystery Monday - Are these the Warders I'm looking for? part 1

In Saturday's post (found here) I covered an 1815 letter written to my 3rd great-grandfather, George Munday, of Prince William County, Virginia by Francis and Susan Warder.

First let me say that I have looked in the book about the Warder family titled, "A history and genealogy of the Warder family in Virginia, Kentucky and Illinois" on Ancestry and can not find this Francis and Susan Warder.

I dug around a little bit on the 'net for Francis and Susan Warder. But because no address, city or state was listed on the letter, I really didn't have an idea on where to start looking.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sibling Saturday - 1815 Letter from Francis and Susan Warder

Years ago my aunt allowed me to copy a letter that had been handed down in the family. (A lot of my research starts with my aunt having something handed down in the family.)

Anyway, the 1815 letter is from a Francis and Susan Warder to my great-great-great grandfather, George Munday. It is addressed to George while he was living in Haymarket, Prince William County, Virginia. It is a xeroxed copy and in pretty decent shape. Here is how it looks:


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