Monday, July 14, 2014

Mystery Monday - Are these the Warders I'm looking for? part 2

Last Monday, I posted the beginning of a search for the Francis and Susan Warder who had written a letter to my 3 great-grandfather, George Munday, in 1815. If you would like to read that posting go ahead I'll wait - click here

OK are you all caught up? Boy you're a fast reader....anyway onward and upward.

Just to recap, we have a Susan Warder, as a head of household in 1830, living in the same county Francis Warder is found in 1820. If this Susan is the widow of Francis and of a similar age as he was, she probably is the 40 to 50 year old female in 1830, thus putting her birth between 1780 and 1790.

I know there are a lot of assumptions, but sometimes you just have to follow a hunch. ;)

I next search the 1840 Ohio Census for a Susan Warder, preferably in Adams County. Unfortunately, I can not find one. Well, are there any other names that look familiar.... yes. There is a Philip M Warder living in Washington Twp., Clinton County, Ohio. {Remember in the letter Francis mentions a Philip as someone he trusts with getting his money}

Well, according to the wiki at found here, Clinton County, Ohio was formed from Highland and Warren Counties in 1810. Adams County is on the other side of Highland County, Ohio. According to Google map:
Washington Twp, Clinton County, Ohio is 57.6 miles away from Meigs, Adams County, Ohio. And as you can see this is probably not the route they would have taken. Not too many people from this time-frame would have taken the expressway to move from one county to another.

Anyway, I feel it is close enough for me to look into. Besides will it really hurt to follow this forward. Nay!

1840 Washington Twp., Clinton County, Ohio Census list Philip M Warder with 1 20-30 male and females: 1 10-15, 3 15-20 1 20-30 and 1 50-60. Philip is probably the 20 to 30 year old (born 1810-1820) and if Susan is in the household and the older female she would have been born 1780-1790. Pretty close to the numbers of the people in Susan's household in 1830 Adams County, Ohio.

So Clinton County, Ohio in 1850 who's there? SUSAN!!!!
Green Township, Clinton County, Ohio
Dwelling and Family # 20 has Susan Warder, 63 year old white female born in Virginia with a 32 year old Maria Warder and 30 year old Mahala Warder both females born in Ohio. Also a William A or H Shores living with them, who is 24 years old and born also in Ohio.

This Susan was born in Virginia in 1787, has two females, which could be her daughters, living with her who were born in Ohio in 1818 and 1820 respectively. Thus putting her and her alleged husband in Ohio as early as 1818. Well, it's pretty loose but a picture is sort of starting to form.

Wow.....I know you are wondering, "Is this ALL you found on this family Deb?" Well, no but it will have to wait until next week.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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