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Why am I looking for descendants of Nellie George Collins Chesney?

I love pictures....there isn't a genealogist that I know who doesn't love pictures....However, there is a limit to how many pictures I can have in my house. Over the years I have become the keeper of the family pictures. Pictures from and of my: grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, kids, great-grandparents, etc, etc.

So I have decided to let technology come to my rescue.  My Plan?
  1. Scan and back up to the cloud all of the pictures of relatives that are not my direct ancestor
  2. find a descendant of the person(s) in the picture (easier said then done)
  3. get their mailing address
  4. mail the original pictures of their ancestors to them!

They get to enjoy and have original pictures of their ancestors and I get space freed up in my house. WIN! WIN!

Ok now to the reason for this post.....I am looking for descendants of Nellie George Collins Chesney to give them pictures of her and her family.

Why do I have pictures of Nellie and Who exactly was Nellie you ask?

Nellie was a daughter of Robert George and Crisse B Shofner and was born on 1 Feb 1916 in Taylor County, Kentucky. Unfortunately, Crisse died the next day after Nellie was born.

In 1920 she is living with her grandmother, Margret Bell Wright Shofner, and another cousin in Campbellsville, Taylor County, Kentucky. Again unfortunately, Nellie had someone taking care of her die. This time it is her grandmother, Margret in 1922.

So by 1930 she is living with Robert W & Annie E Lile Shofner (her uncle and aunt and my great-grandparents) in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Nellie and my grandmother (her cousin) were very close in age. Minnie (my grandmother) was born Dec 5 1915 and Nellie was born the next February. So only 2 months separated them. If I had wondered why my grandmother had so many pictures of Nellie I now know.

I wish I had someone like Nellie in my direct line....she was wonderful at writing information on the back of pictures to identify the people in the pictures that she sent to my grandmother.

All of the following information is from the back of about 12 pictures my grandmother had received from Nellie through the years:
Nellie married Melvin Collins and they had Russell Leroy Collins born 1936/7 and Melvin Ray Collins born 1938. 
In July 1949 Nellie is living in Jamestown, Kentucky and July 1954 Nellie is living at 703 W Market Street (unknown city). Before July 1957 Nellie marries James Chestney.
Russell L Collins married Dorothy and they had Teresa Jane born 1958/9; Lisa Sue born May 26, 1960; Eric Lindsay born 1962 and Rhonda Lynn born Jan 1964. 
And last but not least here is the lovely Nellie George Collins Chestney.
Nellie George Collins
Nellie George Collins in front of her house at 703 W Market St in July 1954
I have looked for "current records" for Nellie and her family. I did find where Melvin Ray Collins died in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas on Nov 29, 2001. His wife, Sue K Bumgarner Collins died in 2004. I have also found parts of her obituary but for privacy will not publish anything that I found on their children and grandchildren. I also found where Russell Leroy Collins probably died in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana in 2006.

If any of you know anyone who is a descendant of Nellie, please let them know that I would LOVE to get them some pictures of their ancestor.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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