Sunday, November 9, 2014

Who Tells the family? Follow-up

Two years ago I blogged the question, "Who tells the family?" where I asked the question of who tells the family "back home" when a distant family member dies. In that posting I asked, "Did they (the settlers of his estate, his local friends or someone else) put an inquiry into a Kentucky paper to locate the family of Garland Slemmons long ago resident? I don't know, but I would really like to find out."

Well guess what I found!

You guessed it.....I found out how they contacted the family.

Through my local library I have access to ProQuest which has a local newspaper (the Courier-Journal) in it's Historical newspapers collection. These historical newspapers date from 1830 to 1922. When searching in this collection I found my answer to the above question.

In the wanted section of the May 8 1898 issue of the Courier Journal this advertisement ran:
"WANTED -- INFORMATION -- There died in this place a few days since an old gentleman named Garland Slemmons, a native of Kentucky. (I think Hardin County.) He left a very nice little ranch at the edge of town and some money. If his relatives will write me I can give them information regarding the estate. C.M. TAYLOR, Deputy Sheriff Genoa, Nevada."
While my ancestor lived in Metcalfe County Kentucky (in the southern part of the state) this newspaper is from the northern part of the state. So evidently my ancestor (or someone he knew) saw the ad and contacted the Deputy Sheriff.

Now I have that question answered, I should be finished with this guy right? Well no. Because now I want to find the probate and find out more about what did they do with the lot and other "stuff."

So as before one question answered at least two more to answer.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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