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Wood Family Slave data

I was recently looking through some of my research and ran across a book that I had copied years ago. I had thought I was related to the Wood family listed in this book, I found out later that I wasn’t. So when I relocated these copies I thought I would post them here to possibly help someone, some where.

The front page of the book lists the title and author as follows: “A Brief Account of the Wood Family in Virginia containing a short memoir of James O. Wood and his ancestors from their earliest settlement in the colony of Virginia to his death. written by M. B. Wood for the amusement of himself and relatives.”  An online version of this book can be found here.

Pages 79 & 80 have been transcribed so that they can be picked up by the search engines:
Polly Taylor, negro, was born January 6, 1828
Peggy Ann, Negro, was born December 27, 1848
Charles Creigh, negro, was born March 16, 1852
Levi, negro, was born October 12, 1808
Lucy, negro, was born May 19, 1811
Sally, negro, was born January 5, 1814
Susannah, negro, was born February 18, 1816
Jane, negro, was born July 27, 1818
Salina, negro, was born June 18, 1815
Adiena, negro, was born May 2, 1817
Seely, negro, was born July 23, 1819
Finetta, negro, was born January 1, 1821
Jacob George, negro, was born August 3, 1822
Berry, negro, was born April 3, 1823
David, negro, was born August 22, 1825
Sealy Ann, negro, was born March 4, 1843
Matilda, negro, was born March 10, 1846
Jacob, negro, was born March 20, 1837
Sealy Jane, negro, was born March 4, 1843
Thomas Walker, negro, was born August 29, 1854
Amy Johnson, negro, was born August 5, 1857
Philip Preston, negro, was born December 24, 1857
Alexander, negro, was born January 31, 1861
Note – The births of several negroes have either been torn out or were never recorded.”
This information is among the Henry Wood, Sr family who lived in Russell and Scott Counties, Virginia. I thought I would do a little more digging to see what I could find.

I found what appears to be some of the same names and ages as listed above in the 1870 Scott County, Virginia census found on wood census
I was also able to find the Levi Wood family in 1880 Scott County, Virginia census on Ancestry.com1880 woodscensus
As I stated before I am not related to any of the families listed but I hope that this information helps someone find an ancestor.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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  1. Not any of my ancestors but I wanted to thank you for sharing this.



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