Monday, February 15, 2010

Madness Monday: The search for my Mundays

What family has driven me "mad"....My Mundays. Little did I know when I started my research on this family back in 1989 that this one family would cause me so many hours of research just to prove four generations. Then when I finally made the break through to where they had previously lived in Virginia......I broke right through to a county that had not one but two Civil War battles which went plowing through the precious records that I would need to go any further back.  What a great day that was when I realized how few records are available for the time frame that I need in Prince William County, Virginia.

So, without boring you with how many twist and turns I have had to go through with this family, here is the information that I have to date on this family.

William Munday - b. bef 1765 d. bef 18 Sept 1815 Breckinridge County, Kentucky
unknown wife - d. bef 16 Apr 1814 when husband's will was written

1. James - b. bef 1791 d. bef 19 Jun 1820 Breckinridge County, Kentucky
   m. Bef 20 Jul 1800 probably in Prince William County, Virginia to
   Mildred Foster (daughter of James Foster and Elizabeth) b. 1775 d. Bef 19 Jun 1820
   James and Mildred had at least 9 children
2. Thomas - b. bef 1791 d. bef 21 Mar 1814 Breckinridge County, Kentucky
3. Robert - b. 1776 d. after 1850 living in Meade County, Kentucky
   Robert is living with Catherine who was born in 1796. She is an African American woman who I have put down as his wife. This is because the census taker did not enumerate her as a servant or qualify her being in the household with an occupation. I tend to believe that they would have if she was a housekeeper for him and not his wife.
4. William - b. 5 Jan 1781 d. 5 Nov 1827 buried in Red River Cemetery, Logan County, Kentucky
5. George - b. between 1780-1784 d. bef 1847 Barren County, Kentucky
   George married unknown 1st wife. Then married Malinda C. Holtsclaw Bowles 29 Dec 1839 Barren County, Kentucky
6. Ann - b. between 1784-1794 d. bef 23 Nov 1835 Hancock County, Kentucky
   Ann never married but raised her brother James' children after his death
7. Nathaniel - b. 21 Apr 1788 d. 14 Sept 1833 buried in Red River Cemetery, Logan County, Kentucky
   m. bef 1820 probably in Breckinridge County, Kentucky to
   Mary Ann Brown - b. 26 Oct 1798 Prince William County, Kentucky
8. Rachel - b. 1790 d. 16 Nov 1836 buried in Blincoe/Mason Cemetery, Hancock County, Kentucky
   m. bef 12 Mar 1824 probably in Breckinridge County, Kentucky to
   Thomas Blincoe - b. 18 Feb 1791 d. 17 Jan 1847 buried in Blincoe/Mason Cemetery, Hancock County, Kentucky
9. Betsey - b. abt 1799
   m. bef 27 Feb 1820 probably in Breckinridge County, Kentucky to
   Benjamin Gambill/Gambel/Gambell

Over the years I have wondered if I would find any more records for them, hypothesized and speculated where those records could be found and wished that I could find more information about them. I can thank this family for helping me develop the skills of looking for alternative records when the traditional ones are not available.

Along the ride I have been able to find a couple cool pictures and letters that help make a more complete picture for this family.

James William Munday as a young man

This picture is of James William Munday, my great-grandfather, who was born 5 Jul 1852 in Barren County, Kentucky and died 12 May 1921 in Metcalfe County, Kentucky.

James Munday as an older man

I am told that this is the same man but just older. I do see the resemblance to the younger man. 

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  1. I too see the resemblance in the two photos. I know all to well about those annoying "brick walls". Oh, Thanks for stoping by too.



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