Thursday, February 25, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - The Tharp Memorial

When I started researching years ago, my father became interested in helping. Since he had more time to go and talk to his cousins he took it upon himself to go and get information from them.

On one of these trips he took the following pictures of a memorial picture that has come down in the family. From the information on it I am assuming that my great-great grandmother had it created. Of course not being a master photographer or having today's digital cameras they are not the best pictures. But thanks to my dad taking two pictures all of the information was able to seen. However, I do wish he could have taken a picture of the whole thing.

The information that is stated here is as follows:

In Loving remembrance of
Dear Husband and Children.
William B. Tharp, Died Apr 17, 1896; Aged 55 Y., 9 M., 7 D.
Andrew Tharp, Died Aug. 10, 1871; Aged 3 M., 25 D.
Arabell Tharp, Died Jul 16, 1876; Aged 1 Y., 13 D.
Liberty R. Tharp, Died Jan. 9, 1880; Aged 7 Y., 4 M., 8 D.
Martha A. Tharp, Died Apr. 24, 1882; Aged 11 M., 9 D.
Emma Jane Tharp, Died Jan 9, 1883; Aged 9 M., 23 D.
Ollie Tharp, Died June 15, 1890; Aged 1 Y., 18 D.

We miss the faces, we miss the hands,       And yet we know their tender hearts,
Whose lightest touch seemed born of love, Yearn to assuage the tears we weep,
Only in dreams can we recall,                    We know that in the darkest night,
The saintly forms that dwell above.             Those faithful angels guard our sleep.

Of course when I look at this, I think of how sad it is that they lost so many children. But I consider this a treasure because if it wasn't for this memorial 6 children would have been lost to time. There is not a bible record that tells of their birth and they were born and died between census years.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and come back again. ;)


  1. So beautiful, unusual, and sad all at the same time. It truly is a family treasure.

    I had not noticed before that you are from Louisville. My brother teaches there! We visited not too long ago, but didn't have the opportunity to see the sights. My youngest son wanted to visit Waverly Hills. He is "into" ghosts!

  2. Lori,

    I agree that it is all of those things and of course I am having that reaction just from the photograph. I can't imagine what type of reaction I would have had if I had actually seen it in person.

    I have lived in Louisville my whole life and only about a year ago did I know about Waverly Hills, of course I'm not into the ghost hunting thing either. We have a lot of interesting historical sites here in Louisville. Hope that you can take more time the next visit you are here.



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