Thursday, April 1, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Self Family Bible from Kentucky

The item that I picked for today's treasure chest is a copy of a page from a family bible. What genealogist doesn't just love those old family bibles!
In a previous posting I spoke about my father's enthusiasm to help with researching the family (see posting titled: Treasure Chest Thursday - The Tharp Memorial). In the spring of 1992 my parents decided to visit dad's cousin Deloris Bloxam, who I have written about previously as having given me a dress from my great-grandmother. When they came back from their visit, dad was very proud that he was the one that had been able to get a copy of a family bible page that would help in researching the family. 

The bible has the family information of LittleBerry Self, Jr and both of his wives recorded in it. LittleBerry was my great-great grandfather and his daughter (listed as Lone Wagner Self on the page below) was the great-grandmother that I wrote about in the Not just a dress posting.

Littleberry Self Jr Bible
I will transcribe the information from the above so that it will be picked up by the search engines.
L B Self was born August the 8th 1838
Susan Self was born March the 25th 1838
Nancy Jane Self was born August 16, 1859
James A Self was born January 25th, 1861
Layfaette Self was born April the 13th 1863
Mary E Self was born September the 22nd 1866
Phydelar Self was born May the 21st 1869
Cordelia Self was born October the 5th 1873
Elzay Self was born November the 14th 1875
Lone Wagner Self was born April the 18th 1877
Granville Self was born May the 18th 1880
Younger Self was born April the 11 1884
I would like to point out a couple of things. LittleBerry's 2nd wife, Josephine O'Neal, is not listed in the bible information. Also Younger Self listed last is the "Bulger" Self that is in the picture mentioned in my Augustine Warder Royalty posting.

So I picked this bible page as my Treasure Chest Thursday posting for two reasons: 1st because of the genealogical information that it contains and 2ndly & more importantly to me is it reminds me of my dad and his devotion to helping do what he could with researching the family.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)


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