Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - My kids!

I could have used this picture for Tombstone Tuesday but I thought I would go this way with it. This is a picture of my son looking at the tombstone of his 3rd great grandfather, William Easton Shofner.

William E Shofner tombstone
I really don't even know that he knew I took this picture but I'm glad that I did. This past Tuesday me, my husband and my 2 kids (aged 15 and 13) piled in the car and took a road trip to the country in search of a couple of cemeteries. I'll talk more about the trip in Tuesday's posting.

I thought this fit in well with today's topic of being Sentimental. It really meant a lot to me that the two of them, and my husband, who are NOT genealogy freaks, as I am, humored me enough to spend just about all day in the car while mom hunts for tombstones of which to take pictures. I know that my daughter will be very jealous that her brother got a picture on the blog and she didn't, but maybe next road trip.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)


  1. Deborah, I would post the photo again, no harm there. Maybe your daughter (and son) will take an interest in their ancestors now! At their ages they could help you find names, and think of the time you could save. Cute photo, and thanks for posting it.

  2. We just have to keep working on our families ... we'll get them into these genealogy thing sooner or later. A wonderful photo!

  3. Neat!

    May you keep sharing your ancestor stories!

    Bill ;-)
    Author of "Back to the Homeplace"

  4. There is nothing like sharing these visits with your kids. Luckily, one of mine is always open to going with me on a cemetery visit. As a matter of fact, sometimes he's the one to suggest going. :)

  5. Deborah, I can really relate to this. Just this past Saturday, I drove a friend of mine and her children down to Elizabeth City, NC, to visit their family. While there, I couldn't resist the urge to check out the local cemeteries, especially since I know that one of my surnames is predominant in that area. I thought when we went, that my friend and the kids (13, 10, and 4) would just wait in the car while I got out to look around, but surprisingly, they all wanted to join me! I meant to snap a picture of them "grave-hunting" on my behalf, but I forgot to. This post touched me personally because of that experience. Kudos!




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