Thursday, March 11, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Augustine Warder Royalty

As genealogists we have many "new" relatives that come in and out of our lives as we research. Cousins from different branches of the family and different parts of the country that we connect with through out our years of digging up ancestors. Some you may only contact once, while others may stay in contact off and on for the next couple of years or even decades. This was my cousin Augie.

I found Augie in my early years of researching my father's side of the family in Hart County, Kentucky. The Hart County, Kentucky Historical Society had information that Augie had submitted to a family file on one of my families. I noticed she lived in Louisville, so I contacted her. In our first meeting she was so welcoming, sharing and happy to find another long lost cousin. In addition to all of the cousinly (I just made that word up ;p )love she gave me, she also gave me what has since become one of my prized possessions, a picture of my great-great grandmother, Josephine O'Neal Self. I'm talking about her giving me the original picture, you know the one on the cardboard! Not just a copy of the picture. WOW!

This is the picture she gave me. It is of Josephine O'Neal Self and her son William Younger, called Bulgar, and his family. From left to right, Josephine, Hattie, William Younger "Bulgar", Floyd, Ollie Jaggers Self (Bulgar's wife) and Howard.

As so often happens, life interrupts our best laid plans. I had life changes that caused me to not be a full-time mom and researcher anymore so I lost touch with Augie. But ever so often I would call Augie to find out how she was doing and as before she was always so thoughtful and sweet when we talked. Even though we didn't talk on a regular basis I still thought of her frequently.

On Tuesday I found out that Augie passed away in January of this year. I will miss my cousin. Her obituary can be found at: Augustine Royalty’s Obituary by the The Courier-Journal.

I just thought I would share with you, my new "new" family, information about another one of my Treasure Chests.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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  1. Deborah,
    I love this photograph. I love "Bulgar's" pose; very "Napoleon". :)

    I have also met some distant "cousins", most of whom I talk with for awhile and then they disappear. How wonderful that you were able to visit with Augie (I love her name!) and share such rich memories. Thanks for sharing this one with us!



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