Saturday, March 13, 2010

Robert W. Shofner's WW I Draft Reg. Card

Like most genealogists, I like to be able to put my ancestors in a particular place at a particular time. Most of my ancestors moved from time to time, so that have been pretty easy to track.

Robert W Shofner and Annie E Lile
However, my paternal grandmother's parents, Robert W. Shofner and Annie Elizabeth Liles, moved more than the rest. I remember when I first asked my grandmother where her siblings where born, she had a hard time remembering all the different places. She went on to explain that her father was a carpenter and moved to where ever the work was found. I have ran the census records on them and know where they was living in every census year from the time of their birth to their deaths.

So when I ran across this card I was glad to be able to pinpoint where they were living in a non-census year. Again it just adds to the information that I know about them, making it more personal then just a name and date on a tombstone.
Robert W Shofner WWI Draft Registration Card

This card was found on - in the database World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

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