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Sunday’s Obituary ~ Waller Munday's death 1909

Here are a couple of obituaries that were glued into the family bible for the same person. Waller Munday was my grandfather's brother who died when he was 20 years old. I took these photos before I had my flip-pal scanner, so - sorry for the blurriness!

Waller Munday Obituary
*read below and then the second column above*
Here is the bottom half of the above obituary.

From unknown paper - published about 2 Jul 1909:
"Death of Waller Munday.
The death angel visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. James W Munday of Wisdom community on July 2nd, 1909 and claimed for its victim, Waller, a bright and promising young man. He was brother and sister Munday's second boy; one boy and two girls older than he. Waller was born March 13th 1889; died July 2nd 1909.
About May 14, he was taken sick and when the doctors were called they pronounced him in  a very bad condition with appendicitis and that an operation would have to be performed. They made arrangements at once for Dr. Schackner of Louisville, to come and perform the operation. The 26th day of May he was operated on and the doctors seemed to think that chances were good for him to **ver, and did improve for several days, but finally it was noticed ? he was growing worse, until the doctor come and broke the news to his friends that there was no earthly chance for him.
It is a sad hour in our lives when we hear such messages, though we know it was not because he did not have the proper attention. He had the very best attention and care. Unfortunately, Waller was away from home when he was taken sick. He was working for his cousin Tom Franklin, near Know Lick, and they with his friends did all that was in human power to do, but God knows best and in his infinite love he deals with his children in the best way.
Waller was a good boy and everyone who knew him loved him. On July 1st, I visited him and broke the the {sic} message to him that he could not live but a few hours and his answer was, I know it, I am trying to prepare for that after reading from Gods word, that will not return void unto him, but will accomplish that whereunto it is sent and prayed time and again.
While singing that good old song, "Jesus Lover of My Soul," he quietly and calmly whispered in a low but a different tone to that ? and said, "I am saved I am ? easy," and from that hour ? was one of the happiest boys I ever saw. He sang two songs clear through, one was "When the roll is called up Yonder, " the other, "There is a light at the River," and he would say to everyone that would come in, "I am so glad to tell you I am saved." It was sad to hear him talk to his brother and sister telling them not put it off as he had. About 4 o'clock at his own request he was received into the church and baptised. He left a bright testimony of Heaven and immortal glory, and his only regret seemed to be that he put off his soul's salvation so long but the last words he said to his father were, "It is peace, sweet peace; I am passing through the pearly gates."
The funeral was largely attended. After the funeral, conducted by the scribe, his remains was interred in the family burying ground near his home. He leaves a father, mother, six brothers and two sisters, with a host of relatives and friends to mourn his death. We can only say your loss is his gain. You can go to him, but he can not come back to you. The lord will comfort you and bless in all your bereavements.    J.M.C"
Another clipping about Waller's death. Probably from a different paper, also of unknown date:
"Mr Waller Munday died at the home of Mr. Tom Franklin, near Knob Lick, last Friday after a long illness from peirtonitis. He was operated on about six weeks ago, and was seemingly improving until a few days ago, when he grew worse and died, after intense agony. He was about twenty-two years of age and a young man of fine moral habits. The remains were interred at Wisdom last Saturday afternoon, in the presence of a large concourse of friends and relatives, in the Slemmons burying-ground. The deceased leaves a father, Mr. J. W. Monday, mother, sisters, brothers and a large circle of relatives and friends all over Barren and Metcalfe, who will learn of his death with profound regret."
I find several things interesting in these two clippings:

  • The first clipping has Waller's exact birth and death dates showing his age was 20 years old. The second one has his approximate age, "about 22 years old." I know that the first obituary has the correct information because of many other sources; such as the family bible record, his death certificate and his tombstone information.
  • That a doctor from Louisville was "called" to operate on Waller. Even though phone were invented as early as 1873/4, according to Wikipedia, how prevalent were they in this small town and community? I don't know. Would they have really called the doctor on the phone or would they have written? I'm guessing that they would have found a phone in the community and called Louisville for such an important situation.

I have a couple of pictures of Waller that I have posted before. They can be founds here and here.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)


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