Thursday, September 23, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday – Slemmons Album page 23

Well here we are drawing toward the close of this album. It’s sort of bitter sweet, but have no fear! I have plenty more pictures that I can post. :)

This is page 23
Here is the picture from the top left:
This is Henry Johnson. We've seen Henry before here and here. From the frequency at which he appears in this album, and other pictures that I haven’t even gotten to yet, it makes me think that his mother, Fannie Johnson, was a very early “shutterbug.” Anyway, this is a cute baby picture. I especially love his hair. Neither one of my kids had this much hair….I think I might be a little envious! hee!hee!
Here is a close up of Henry:

Here is the picture from the top right:
The paper label states: “Uncle Pete Depp.” This one of those cases where the label doesn’t really tell the true story. I say that because Pete Depp is not related to this family. Now he is related to someone that married into this family. However, I do vaguely recall hearing my aunt say that all of the neighbors called him "uncle." But be that as it may because of the non-familial status I haven't done any research on him.

Here is the bottom left picture:
The paper label states: "Richard Slemmons Fannie Barton's dad." Well here is Richard Slemmons....again. I mean for pete's sake we just saw the man on the previous page located here. Well anyway that will save me from writing about him again.

Here is the close up of him:

Here is the bottom right picture:
The paper label states: "Waller Munday" This is one of Emily C Slemmons and James W Munday's sons. We have seen a picture of him and the rest of the family found here. Waller was born 13 Mar 1889 and sadly he died 2 July 1919. Such a handsome young man.

Here is a close up of this picture:

Well that is all for me this week. But stayed tune because next week will bring the final two pages.....Please don't get so excited remember your heart. Ha!Ha! Just kidding.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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  1. I've got an old photo album like that. I wish I could find something archival safe with the same photo slots to preserve the beauty of the album as well as keeping it from deteriorating. Maybe someday! Gorgeous pictures!



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