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Treasure Chest Thursday – Slemmons Album page 24 & 25

Well here we are at the last two pages of the album.

Here are pages 24 & 25:

As all of the other times here is page 24:
I really like this picture. The paper at the bottom of the picture states, "August 1898 Mrs. J. W. Munday has Carl T. in her lap. Earl Franklin was born in Oct 1898. J. W. is behind her chair. Fannie 1, Richard 2, Lillie 3, Waller 4, Asher 5 by grandpa Slemmons. Willie 6, by Grandma Slemmons. The occasion was the celebration of one of the grandparents birthdays. The last reunion before their death." Well, that pretty much says it all, doesn't it? In case you don't remember from previous postings the children of James Munday and Emily Slemmons are listed with the numbers beside them. There is at least one more person from the family in this picture then what is written. Sarah Frances Slemmons Johnson, daughter of Asher and Martha, has been in this album on a couple of other occasions. The last is here. Who are the other people in the picture, sadly no one has written down who they are. My guess is that they are neighbors or other relatives that I don't have a picture of to reference and recognize them.

One bit of information that I can add is this. Martha Franklin Slemmons was born on 26 Aug 1824, so the grandparent's birthday that was mentioned above was hers. Also Martha died on 9 Apr 1900 and Asher died on 21 Apr 1900. Both are buried in the Bagby-Slemmons-Munday Cemetery, located on what was then their property in Wisdom, Metcalfe County, Kentucky.

As a side note: I would love to know how much a copy of this picture would cost at the time it was taken, 1898. My curiosity is piqued because my aunt has 4 copies of this picture. All of the copies are identical to this picture, on the same cardboard stock and look to have been created at the same time.  Four copies of the same picture, when most people couldn't afford to have one picture made! Hmmm, interesting.

Here is page 25:

Here is a close up of page 25:

And last but not least a close up of the bottom of page 25 that has the writing:
Ok, here is what the paper label of this one states: "Dripping Springs School about 1904 (1 Richard, 2 Willie, 3 Carl, 4 Lillie, 5 Earl Munday, 6 Arthur Pedigo, 7 Joel Bagby, 8 Lizzie Bagby, 9 Orpha Duke, 10 Della Duke, 11 Jim Duke, 12 Blaine Price (not sure of that last name), 13 Lela Douglas Pedigo." So we have the Munday children and some of their friends and neighbors listed in this picture. I have been told that Carl didn't like his picture so he is the one that scratched his face out. Well, who hasn't had that feeling about a picture that they have had made? I know I have.

Well gentle reader that concludes the Slemmons Photo Album series that I started so long ago! Yea for me! I do consider it a minor victory that I was able to accomplish the posting of all of these pages. As I have said before I will be posting more pictures from my aunt's collection. I will try and post a couple of things from my other families so we won't get overload on this one family.

As always,

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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