Thursday, August 19, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - Slemmons Album pages 18-19

So here I am another week with the Slemmons’ Family photo album. I’m getting near the end of it. You know as a genealogist w/ADD it has been extremely difficult for me to stay focused on getting all of these pages posted every week. But I also know that if I don’t keep at it I will not get it done. Sadly, the outcome of many, many of my projects.

So without further adieu here are pages 18 & 19….Oh wait I forgot to tell you that this week you will get a bonus. There is a postcard that was stuck between these two pages. So as before I will label it 18 a.
Ok, now without anything further here are pages 18 & 19:

page 18 - 19

Page 18:
page 18 George Munday

The paper label states: “George Asher Munday 1918 just before he went to army” George Asher Munday was the son of James William Munday and Emily Calhoun Slemmons. George was born 28 Feb 1891 in Metcalfe County, Kentucky. George died 4 Jan 1918 after coming back home from World War I.

Closer look at page 18:
page 18 - George Munday close-up

Page 18 A:
page 18 a close-up

Close up of 18 A:

I don't know who all of the people are in this picture. I suspect many of them are Munday children. But I did notice that on the right is written: "Old woman in the shoe"

The back side of the post card:

The postcard says: "Have been planning all summer to come to see you all but are afraid have put it off too long so fall trade is now beginning and am real busy last week or two. Hope Willie is lots better Was so sorry to hear of his condition but hope now he will be better soon. Lovingly, Lou Emma"

Page 19:
page 19 - JW Munday and family

The card shown in the first picture tells who is in this picture and states: “Taken in 1908 back row beginning left to right. William Oren Munday, Lillie Neal Munday, Richard Slemmons Munday, Fannie Belle Munday, Waller W Munday, George Asher Munday, Carl Twyman. Front Row: Herman Owen Munday, James W Munday, Emily C Munday and Earl Franklin Munday. Taken at home.”

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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