Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Traveling Stove Agents

I ran across this in my maternal great-grandparent's pictures.

This is from the time that traveling salesmen would travel the countryside to show their products to people so that they may order them from a company.

The man and woman that are on the right are my great-grandparents, Benjamin Lewis DeSpain and his wife, Alice Josephene Foster. 

I can hear the conversation:
B.L. - "Sir, I can't afford such an expensive thang, why the one that I have is working jus fine!"
Alice - "Oh honey, this one would heat the food so much faster and wouldn't make as big of a mess when we go to clean it."
Stove Agent - "Now, sir if the price is an issue my company will set you up on a payment plan of just 3 dollars a month."
B.L. - "Just 3 dollars ya say! Well, I don't know, let me think on it a bit."

This is the back of the picture.
Someone wrote information on the back that states:
August 21, 1906
Stove Agent                                                  Raymond was baby
Papa 34                                                            6 mo 3 wks old
Mama 29
Ivo 2 yrs 9 mo.

Ivo and Raymond are the children of Benjamin Lewis Despain and Alice Josephene Foster (or as called on the back Papa and Mama).

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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