Thursday, September 9, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday – Slemmons Album page 21

Here we are again with more pictures from this cotton-pickin’ album. :) I mean I really like posting these pictures that way other people can see them and they can be "saved" for posterity.  But come on how long is this album? Well I looked at it and there are four more pages before the album is done. So that is four more weeks before it is over. I think I can do I know I will do that. Ok, enough of my non-private pep-talk to myself on with this week's edition.

Here is page 21:

The first picture on the top left:
Georgia SlemmonsAccording to the paper label this is "Georgia Slemmons, cousin of Richard Munday." According to my research Georgia is the daughter of William Thompson Slemmons and Mary Henly Parrish, they will show up in a latter posting. Georgia was born about Sept 1887/8 in Cumberland County, Kentucky. Before 11 Aug 1909 she married Timothy William English and they moved to Texas. Georgia is buried in Calloway Cemetery, Tarrant County, Texas. I find it amazing that as long as I had been researching this family and all that I had heard about it over the years it wasn’t until I started doing this blog and posting the pictures from this album that I found out about Georgia.

A close-up of little miss Georgia:
Georgia Slemmons - close-up
Isn't she cute? I especially love the way her hair is fixed.

Ok, here is the top right picture:
R. W. Slemmons
This is Richard Washington Slemmons, son of Asher and Martha Slemmons and father to Fannie Slemmons Barton who we saw in an earlier posting found here and here.

The next picture is from the bottom left corner:
William Neal
This paper label tells a lot about this man. Across the bottom it states: "Rev William Neal Cumberland Presbyterian He said cermony[sic] for J. W. Munday and Emily C Slemmons 5 Oct 1881." Across the left it states, "Also said cermony[sic] Mary Slemmons and Dudley William Jul 1881." Well as we have talked about before here Mary Slemmons and Emily C Slemmons were sisters and both daughters of Asher and Martha Slemmons. So here we have the culprit (he!he!) that married the two sisters. Emily thought so much of him that she gave her daughter Lillie the middle name of Neal. I haven't done any research to find anything out about him, but with this picture we at least know what he looks like.

Here is a close-up of Rev. Neal:
William Neal - close-up
Nice facial hair!

And last but not least is the bottom right hand picture:
Sallie Dean Slemmons Jones
This is Sallie Dean Slemmons, sister of Asher Slemmons. Sallie was born 26 Feb 1813 in Barren County, Kentucky and died 1 May 1873 I believe in Barren County, Kentucky. She married 1st to Candor Daugherty/Dougherty on 17 Dec 1833 in Barren County, Kentucky. Just a little fun trivia for you: Sallie and her mother, Elizabeth Crenshaw Slemmons, both gave birth to a child after their husbands died. Nothing scandalous mind you both within the allotted 9 months after the husband's death. Candor Sr died 10 Mar 1838 and Sallie gave birth to Candor Jr on 11 Apr 1838. Unfortunately, Candor Jr died in 1841. Sallie married a second time to Thomas Jones on 5 Feb 1846. According to my research they did not have any children together. I have found some published letters that Thomas Jones had written to other family members during the civil war and in these letters he refers to "Old Miss" and "Your Aunt Sally." I believe he is talking about Sallie. I have always like this picture because she looks like a woman that is so "matter of fact." Like if there were any family secrets she would know them and would be ashamed to tell them.

Well I guess that is all for me today.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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