Thursday, March 8, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Granny M's Memory Book part 3

Here's the next page in the Memory Book from my great grandmother.

On to the third page:

"Dr Owens Died Jul 16th 1920
Mrs Owensby Died July 23rd 1920
Mrs Whitlow Died Aug 2nd 1920
Mary Etter Eubank Died Nv 25th 1920
Bernice Dougherty Died Dec 28th 1920
Roy Dillie was killed Dec 31st 1920
Pete Sowers Died Jan 21st 1921
Bertha Hoover Died Jan 18th 1922
Morris Broady was shot F 1st 1922
John Duke was shot 24th of Dec 1922
Aneliza Nickles Died Aug 26th 1923
J R Shirley died Oct 26th 1923
Duey Pedigo died Nov 10th 1923
Mary Yates Died = Feb 5th 1924
Mrs W M Smith died suddenly Feb 29th 1924
Mrs Nona Albright Whitlow Died July 2, 1924
My sister Mary E Williams Died
Aug 20nd 1924
Lizie Sowers Died Sept 23rd 1924
Mrs Dave Eubank Died Oct 22 1924
Mr Watson Died 26th July 1925
Peter Depp died 29th of Dec 1925
Mrs Cafie Nickles Feb 13th 1930
Clay Robert Died Aug 17th 1928"

Again, I searched Kentucky Death Records 1852-1953 on and found the following information on the people listed above:

  • I wasn't able to find Dr Owens, Mrs Owensby, Mrs Whitlow.
  • Mrs W. M Smith is actually Harriet Ann Smith, daughter of Thomas Biggs Hunley and Julie Emma Reynolds. Interesting that she died on Leap Day.
  • Aneliza Nickles is listed as Annie E Nichols. She was the daughter of Edward W Eubanks and Margaret Crawford and she died in Wisdom, Metcalfe County, Kentucky.
  • Mrs Dave Eubank is Catherine Annie Walker Eubank and according to the death certificate she died on 23 Oct 1924.
  • Mr Watson is actually Robert Newton Watson and died in Wisdom, Metcalfe County, Kentucky.
  • Mrs Cafie Nickles is Captolia Nichols and according to the death certificate is the daughter of Unnamed Moran and Unnamed Vilazant.

See ya next week!

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