Monday, July 5, 2010

Madness Monday - which is more frustrating?

OK I have a question that I would like to ask and I think it ties into the Madness Monday theme.

In your opinion, which is more frustrating?

1) Not having a picture of an ancestor that lived into the years that pictures were being taken?


2) Having a copy of a 1930's letter stating that the writer will be sending a copy of a picture of her great-grandmother (my 3rd great grandmother) to the recipient of the letter, however, now no one in the family has the picture, knew it existed or can imagine what happened to it?

I sometimes wonder if it's better to know that it never existed than to know that it had lasted from before 1878 (that's when the 3rd great-grandmother died) all the way until the 1930's and now can't be found. Houdini would be proud!  Poof, what picture?

Any thoughts?

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)


  1. #2 Without a Doubt! It is frustrating to not have photos of family members, but I have been told that when my great-grandparents got married (In a horse drawn buggie, in front of the preachers house) he took a photo. No one has it or knows where it's at. I would give everything I own to have that photo. Someone has to have them and not even know what they have.

  2. Pictures are a rare and wonderful treasure - the Casteel photos are few and far between...I imagine they must be in some distant cousin's shoebox. good luck in locating yours!

  3. Thanks guys. I totally agree, I envision somebody with a shoebox under their bed that is chock full of pictures. Then when something happens to them the family comes in and throws the box away! Oh, the horror! :( I treasure every picture that I have.

    Sometimes I roam through an antique shop and flip through the pictures that they are selling and wish I could "stumble" on one of my family.

  4. It's always more frustrating to know that something existed and can no longer be found. It is always so tantalizingly out of reach.



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