Thursday, February 23, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Granny Munday's Memory Book beginning

OK, I guess I have taken a long enough time off from posting. I'm starting back up with another Treasure Chest Thursday series.

This is a book that my maternal aunt has allowed me to scan. I used the Flip-Pal scanner that I received for Christmas from my husband to scan this book turned journal in which her grandmother and my great-grandmother, Emily Calhoun (Slemmons) Munday, kept notes. She died in 1936 in Metcalfe County, Kentucky. The material that is in here after that would have been added by my grandmother and her daughter-in-law, Gussie Otto (DeSpain) Munday.

The book she used was titled, "Memorial Addressed on the Life and Character of Richard W Townshend Feb 15, 1890." If you want to see what the book looks like in its original state you can find scanned copy of the whole book on at

Front cover

Inside cover

{on a piece of paper glued to inside front cover}
"Miss Emma Slemmons
W. A. Eubanks presents his
compliments to Miss Emma
Slemmons and would be 
pleased to call tonight.
March 2, 1879"

              54 years

Next page

"Effie and Merrew had a
fuss 27 Sept 1931"

{math equations}

"Mr Henry Yates died
March 12, 1953
John Pulliam died Oct 30, 1955
Matt Lige Milby died Dec 1956
Wesley Y Milby died Dec 6, 1956
Cousin Josie Scott died Dec 7, 1956
She was a sister to Elsie's mother a 1st cousin to my Grandma DeSpain"

Hate to hear that Effie and Merrew had a falling out...don't know them but hope they got back together. :)

The parts after the math equations were written by my grandmother, Gussie O. Despain Munday.

Matt Lige Milby is found in the Kentucky Death Index 1911-2000 on to be Mattie Milby who died in Green County, Kentucky on 3 Dec 1956.

According to the same index, Wesley Y Milby died on 4 Dec 1956 in Green County, Kentucky.

Again, in that same index Josie Scott is listed as Josephine Scott and also died in Green County, Kentucky.

The Grandma DeSpain that she mentions would have been, Eliza Ann (Scott) DeSpain.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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