Thursday, May 3, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Granny M's Memory Bk pt11

Okay, now for all the news that was the news in the microscopic town of Dripping Springs (also known as Wisdom), Metcalfe County, Kentucky on July 7 1960.

"Visitors of Mr and Mrs R. S. Munday over the holiday weekend were: Mr and Mrs Gilbert Faulkner and children of Louisville; Mr and Mrs Henry Robertson of Indianapolis, Ind., and Mr and Mrs Lynn Chelf of Magnolia. - Mr and Mrs Henry Robertson have returned to their home in Indianapolis, Indiana. They were accompanied by his parents, Mr and Mrs L D Robertson, and sisters, Frances and Betty, who will spend a few days. - Mrs Lillian Miller, who is spending the summer at her old home place here, had as her guest Sunday night her brother, Mr Henry Lambirth, of Indiana. - Mrs Vira Mae Albright, accompanied by her daughter, Mrs Marvin Harbinson, was a pleasant caller at Miller's Grocery July 4th. - Mr Oscar Firkins and family recently visited his brothers, Messrs. Robert, Luther and Baker Firkins, of Kentucky. Mr Firkins is stationed with the U. S. Army in California and he and his family are visiting Finis Firkins and family of Columbus, Ind. They then expect to go to Texas to visit his wife's people before returning to his Army base in California. - Mr. Murrell Thomas has returned to the Army after he and his family spent a month with his parents at Glasgow. Mrs Thomas and children, Carolyn, Jeff, and David will spend the summer with her parents, Mr and Mrs D. R. Bagby. They expect to join Mr Thomas about the time school begins. - Mr and Mrs Dan Tibbs of Illinois visited Mr and Mrs Herman Gilley and other relatives in Kentucky recently. Mrs Tibbs is the former Lucy Faulkner and is a sister of Mrs Herman Gilley. - Mr Verlon Coffey, our local garage man, has been sick but is improving. - Mrs. Johnie Devore and children called on Mr and Mrs Fred Albright July 4th. - Mr and Mrs Charles Lewis of Beech Grove, Ind., visited Mrs Lewis' parents, Mr and Mrs Fred Duke, over the weekend. - Mr and Mrs Harold Ripley of Linden, Mich., visited Mrs Ripley's brother, Mr W. C. Coffey, and Mrs. Coffey, and her sister, Mrs. Edd Shockley, of Randolph. - Mr and Mrs Wilbur Gilley and daughter, Patricia, spent the weekend at their home near Wisdom. Mr Billy Joe Compton of Louisville, and Ruel Compton of Sparksville were their guests while here. - Mr and Mrs William Bunch and children, Stanley and Sheila, of Columbus, Indiana, visited friends and relatives over the weekend. - Rev Joe Richey filled his regular appointment at Dripping Springs Saturday night and Sunday morning. It was decided for all members of the church to be present next meeting, Saturday night, August 6th, and cast their vote as to what to do about tearing down the church building that has stood so long and is still a good, strong building and building a new one from the bottom or keeping the old church and making an entrance to the upper part which belongs to the church from Rennick Lodge. It seems we did not have the foresight of our forefathers or we would never have closed the outside entrance to the upper room without making another one. At that time there was no Sunday School at this church and no one seemed to think of needing more room. - Prayer meeting was discontinued here until after the revivals. Mr Pisgah's began Monday night, July 4, Kenneth Grizzle, evangelist."
Wow, did they leave anyone out of this? It doesn't look like it, they even have mention of the mother and daughter going to the grocery. How cute!

Well, if that wasn't enough here's the little clipping that is dated Nov 11, 1959 that states:
"Mrs. Margaret Sandusky, who recently underwent surgery at Norton Memorial Infirmary in Louisville, has returned home and is reportedly improving."
Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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