Monday, May 21, 2012

Mappy Monday - Oh the places he's lived!

When I started doing research, my dad was still alive and wanted to help, so he would do what he felt comfortable doing. Some of which were: visiting with relatives and talking to them about the family, asking around for copies of family pictures, and going with his father to old home places to take pictures.

One time after spending the weekend with his father, dad came back home and showed me the map below.

This is a map of Larue County, Kentucky that dad had gotten from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet booth at the Kentucky State Fair.

Dad had consulted with his father and had taken the time to mark all the different places that his parents had lived since their marriage in 1935. The only place that dad left off of this map was the Illinois farm where my grandparents were living when my dad was born in 1938. They lived on that farm until 1941 when they moved back to Larue County to live on the "Spratt farm", as shown on the above map.

The list of names on the map is the name of the owner of the farm from whom my grandparents rented while living and farming on that property. Years later when my grandparents referred to a certain place, they would call the farm "The Ragland place", "The Ragsdell place", etc. Including the Illinois farm, they lived on 12 different farms or house from 1935 until 1958, when they had a house built and "settled down."

The dots on the map have the name of the farm and can be matched with the farms name in the list and that will tell the year(s) they lived there.

I've heard my grandmother talk about the many moves and say she had left beautiful "antiques" behind, because they didn't have enough room in the truck that was moving them.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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  1. It's so interesting to think about moving between farms - I think of farming as being such a - pardon the pun - rooted thing, staying in one spot for generations. What hard work for your grandmother!



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