Thursday, April 5, 2012

Treasure Chest Thursday - Granny M's Memory Bk pt 7

I'm a little late with this posting today. Thanks for waiting.

Today's page has a lot of writing that my grandmother, Gussie O DeSpain Munday, did about a lot of different topics. Here we go:

"rained all day Oct 17, 1948. Margaret, Mary, William, Eugene, Zora, Joseph and mother went to see Charlie T DeSpain at Greensburg who was ill with Broncial Pneumonia and came back that day. A beautiful sunset that afternoon and a big frost that night. the first one this fall."

on the left side:
"a revival began Oct 17, 1948 at Dripping Spring with 4 professions closed Oct 27 on Wednesday night. Bro Jones & Richy."
below that on the left side:
"Cool and showers all day Oct 17 1955"
"Papa is here he came Oct 8 1955"
"No frost yet, the trees are still green. John Gilley drop dead Sat Oct 15, 1955"
"Curious light at night Nov 1957"
on the right side:
"Oct 31, 1948 it rained all day"
"Oct 24 19?? George Stephen had a wreck with Morris Shirley on the Glasgow road."
My thoughts about what was written:

  • It seemed to rain a lot in October back then.
  • Margaret, Mary, William, Eugene, Zora and Joseph are the children of my grandparents, Gussie DeSpain and Richard Munday. 
  • Charlie T DeSpain is Gussie's brother and he lived in Greensburg, Kentucky.
  • I'm glad to know that they seem as concerned about the weather as people do today.
  • "Papa" is the nickname that the family called Gussie's father, Benjamin Lewis DeSpain.
  • I'm sad to hear about John Gilley. Didn't know him but always a shock when some one "drops dead."
  • Lastly, wonder who was at fault for the accident? George Stephen or Morris Shirley. Hope no one was hurt.

Until next week!

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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