Thursday, November 3, 2011

Create a caption for this picture

OK, so I haven't added it as one of my hobbies on any of the networking or social sites, but I loving looking at pictures in magazines, books and yes old family pictures and giving them funny caption. I think some pictures are boring without them. I mean how many smiling couples, small children or animal pictures can you look at in a day with out yawning? I know I'm not alone in this entertaining pastime from examples I have seen over at the National Archives' blog: Prologue:Pieces of History  where they have a Thursday Photo Caption Contest.

So I had recently ran across this picture of my mom, apparently cooking, in her kitchen from the early 60's. I thought I would post this and see what kind of funny captions my dear readers could create.

Unfortunately, I don't have anything to give anyway to the most creative :(
I just thought it would something fun.

So, PLEASE, create away.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)


  1. LOL! very funny.
    What about..."If you ask me one more time what time supper is going to be ready you'll be wearing it!"

  2. "Mrs. Bates, Norman said I could stay for dinner."



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