Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veteran's Day - One mother's thoughts on having a son at war

Wishing everyone a happy Veteran's day. I found this clipping that my maternal grandmother, Gussie (DeSpain) Munday had posted in the newspaper. It is about how she (and probably the family) felt about her son, William L Munday, being in Germany and the war.

The clipping reads:
"Dedicated to my son, T/5 William L. Munday, in Germany.
Many months ago as the battles raged on and the old war clouds hung so low, we stood at the bus station one afternoon and watched our darling go. As we held him closely in our arms and bid him goodbye, we thought our hearts would break, but with bright eyes and a sweet brave smile, he said goodbye through falling tears. We watched him go as he stepped in the bus. We prayed "Dear God in Heaven, keep him through this awful war."
Then the days and weeks went by, not knowning what we might hear, but praying continually to God to keep our soldier dear.
After weeks came a letter, telling us he had landed and was fine and now in Belgium. Our hearts rejoiced to hear again. He said, "Dear ones, don't worry. I am trusting God, the one that can and will take care of me. Just take care of yourselves. I want you both living when I come home."
But well we knew he was marching on to the battlefront; still our faith was unshaken in God who gives his angels charge over his children. Oh the days and weeks slipped slowly by, while across the sea he fought - a soldier brave helping to gain the victory, as he wrote "it was very, very thrilling to toss shells at the Germans and they would toss shells back at us."
The fighting is over, the victory won; he filled his mission and now we hope how soon he can return. Oh happy day, when he takes that last boat ride, coming back to the good old country he loves so well.
- By his mother, Mrs. R. S. Munday."
There aren't any notations stating in which paper it was posted or what day.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)

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