Monday, December 12, 2011

Mystery Monday - Are these two pictures of the same guy?

So I was going through the pictures that I have saved on my computer, after my picture boo-boo that I talked about here, when I ran across something I hadn't noticed before. I use Picasa photo program to allow me to keep my pictures in some sense of order. The program has a really cool feature of face recognition, that I have played with a couple of times. It will show you the faces of people in your pictures and you can tag them with their names. Thus grouping pictures of identical people together for you.

Here is what part of the page looks like when it has gathered the "like" pictures together:

You'll see down on the bottom row it has four pictures with orange triangles that have a question mark in a circle. A close up of these four pictures are here:

I was going to click the red x button underneath the two pictures on the left, this tells the computer that they are not the same person. I believed this to be true, because, when I took the pictures of this picture my aunt told me that this was someone that lived near her grandmother, Emily Calhoun Slemmons Munday, and didn't mention that it was Emily's father, Asher.

In case you couldn't tell, the two on the left are really the same picture, as are the two pictures on the right. That being said the "one" picture on the left is in a frame that has a piece of paper that has this written on it:
"W. H. Depp and Jennie Anderson will married [sic] one month from today"

So I, and my aunt, had assumed that the paper was telling about the person in the picture...W. H. Depp.

However, now with the face recognition software showing me the two pictures side by side, I'm not so sure.

In the close-ups, shown above, you can really see the similarities:
  • the shape of the heads
  • the shape of the mouth - curled up on one side
  • the way the hair sticks out on the sides - I bet he wore a hat a lot.
  • the length of the nose
  • the shape of the nose
What do you think, are these these two pictures of the same man?
The one on the left is a known picture of Asher Slemmons, my 4th great-grandfather. The one on the right is the suspect Asher.

Please feel free to leave comments as to what you think.

Hope you enjoyed, glad you stopped by and please come back again ;)


  1. First off, I didn't know Picassa had face recognition software. Very cool! These photos do look like the same man to me. What is odd is the photo where he looks oldest looks like an older photo!

  2. I think you could have a match. Also I agree with heathers point about the man who looks oldest being in the photo that looks older.

  3. Thanks guys for the feedback.

    The photo on the right, the younger looking Asher, is actually a daguerreotype picture. It is very shiny and was extremely difficult to get a good picture of.

    Heather - I'm glad that I was able to let you know about the Picasa. I was impressed with this feature as well.

  4. I'd say they are the same person. The notation in the frame is curious.

  5. I vote yes. Even his eyebrows and the set of his eyes are the same. I agree that the note confuses things a bit - is there any possibility that the older picture is misidentified?



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